Essay about The Rise Of Print Journalism

Essay about The Rise Of Print Journalism

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In recent discussions of the decline of printed newspapers in the digital era, a controversial issue has been made in regards to the factors that contribute towards the recession. On the one hand, some argue that the increase usage of technologies resulted in the downfall of print journalism. From this perspective, it could be argued that the increase reliance on technologies influence in the depreciation of newspapers. On the other hand, however, others argue that it was the stoppage of advertisement for print publications that causes the downfall. In the words of Suzanne Krichhoff, “the U.S. newspaper industry is suffering what could be its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression” (Krichhoff 27). In sum, the decline of newspapers can be attributed to a wide variety of factors that need to be addressed because of the newspaper’s effect on the general public.
As the newspaper industry is in a downfall, people are asking if the industry is worth saving or could society live without the availability of printed newspapers. The reality is that without the presence of newspapers, society can’t be informed and an essence of community is lost. The digital era has resulted in newspaper organizations changing towards a completely online publication and the availability of newspapers within a community to decrease throughout the country. As a result of this change, a majority of people within a community is not able to receive their news that could create a disconnect within the community. On the paper, “The Decline of Daily Newspapers and the Third-Person Effect”, the relation between printed newspapers and a community is studied allowing us to determine the importance of the availability of newspapers. In the paper, the effec...

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...l be a point when the current structure most newspaper works on might result in a more catastrophic collapse that the one currently present. It is time for owners and the corporate structure to go away for the progress of newspapers for the resurgence of the industry.
The decline of newspapers can have an impact on communities, journalist, and even the whole media industry, but corporations are working towards the stabilizing of the industry. It would not only benefit media corporations, but the general public as well. Newspapers are the way generations have been able to stay inform of events occurring on a national level as well as an international level. It is our duty as citizens to contribute towards the success of the media industry because without it could result in the loss of the availability of information about all topics of life for the general public.

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