The Rise of Modernism through Medieval Politics Essay

The Rise of Modernism through Medieval Politics Essay

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Medieval philosophies had a tremendous impact on both political and social life for many centuries that followed. The 15th century marked the end of the Medieval era and gave rise to a time period known as modernity. Modernity was coined by the famous philosophical thinker Charles Baudelaire; he depicted this time in history as a shift from feudalism to capitalism and the influence of secularization and industrialization. Modernity was truly seen as a major breakthrough from post medieval society into a new and evolving culture.
Modernity can be seen as a breakthrough from the medieval culture in many distinct ways. One of the greatest inspirations for a new way in politics came from the thoughts of the great historian and philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli. He proposed that instead of analyzing the way things should or shouldn't be as was practiced during medieval times they should focus on the present issues. For example, this would allow politicians to make immediate changes benefiting common people, rather than placing so much importance on the long term picture. Another viewpoint that Machiavelli felt was important included the notion that all humans should seek to control their own future to the extent possible instead of relying solely upon the government to provide for them. Interestingly, this topic is extremely prevalent in modern day society where a recent Fox News Poll states that 74 percent of Americans are too reliant upon the government for assistance. Lastly, “Machiavelli argued, that violent divisions within political communities are unavoidable, but can also be a source of strength which law-makers and leaders should account for and even encourage in some ways” (Strauss 1987).
Another famous philosophi...

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...ecularization. Although many breakthroughs occurred during the era of modernity many things remained constant such as the continual creation of universities around the globe along with the creation of representative based governments. For many scholars the era of modernity can perhaps be seen as one of the greatest periods of change in all of recorded human history. Without question, it can be characterized as a time of significant evolution for mankind.

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