The Rise Of Internet Crime And The Challenges Law Enforcement Essay

The Rise Of Internet Crime And The Challenges Law Enforcement Essay

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The rise of internet crime and the challenges law enforcement faces trying to apprehend and prosecute offenders.

Cybercrime has provided new opportunities for criminals to engage in unlawful activities using the internet (Brenner, n.d.) As the internet activity rises, so does the criminal activity. Activities that are against people, property, morality, state and government authorities. Policing has always been an evolving environment (Police Executive Research Forum, 2014). With the advancement in technology and the internet over the past 20 years, the landscape of crime has changed. Local law enforcement personnel still protect their citizens from local crimes but are now challenged to combat crimes that have occurred thousands of miles away causing jurisdictional issues. Criminal activity like this can jeopardize our privacy, economy, and even our National Security (FBI, 2014). Investigating and prosecuting these crimes can be quite frustrating and challenging. Since the internet has grown, so has security to help prevent crimes. This is a growing crime due to the rewards for the criminals being high and the risks are low (Center for Statistic and International Studies, 2014). The estimated global cost is estimated to be over four hundred billion dollars. Cyber Crime will continue to be a challenge and law enforcement must continue to work across jurisdictional boundaries and with legislators in combatting this always evolving issue.
Internet crime or Cybercrime is defined as a Criminal activity or a crime that involves the Internet, a computer system, or computer technology (, 2016). Ever since the internet became affordable and available to the general public it was considered a new age. (Shinder, 2011). ...

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...enter for Statistics and International Studies, 2014). The cost of internet crime on the businesses of the world will only increase as they move their systems into online sources. Governments need to seriously look at this problem along with the rising statistics to be able to combat internet crime on a global scale. Government officials can add personnel to assist government entities like the FBI in growing the programs already in place. It could be safe to say that as we continue to move forward in a world online that internet crime will only evolve and offenders will always try to create ways to victimize the world for financial gain. By looking at the data, working together across international lines, and creating laws to be consistent in defending and prosecuting these crimes can begin to help lower the financial loss and potential victims from internet crime.

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