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The Rise Of Harappan Civilization Essays

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Moving away from burial sites showing the ideology of the afterlife, and caves that show the progression of humans into creating symbols, we move further into the effects of trade and the importance of dockyards such as the one of Lothal. Harappa’s chief seaport, Lothal (three and a half hours ahead of Blombos Cave), provided a basin from 120 feet long to 70 feet wide connected to an inlet of the Arabian Sea. The dockport was used to not only let ongoing ships pass and travel, but also as water storage, and a major hub for trade especially for Lothal’s highly desirable beaded crafts. Lothal’s dockport gave Harappa the ability to connect and trade with other cultures influencing their own. The dockyard, even after the collapse of Harappan civilization, was still in use for generations to continue. Today, remains of the Harappan civilization can still be found in the dockyard as well as the influences of the trade in parts of India’s culture and ideology (Sivers 74).
The dockyard of Lothal and other seaports helped not just with the trade of goods, but also with the spread of religion. Religion proves to be the foundation of every culture’s laws, ideas, and practices. India’s culture, for one, is shaped mainly from the spread of Buddhism and Hinduism. The Kailasantha Temple located in east-central India (no time difference from Lothal) is considered a monumental sculpture for it’s carved out of a single solid rock with intricate carvings of deities and erotic images along the walls (Sivers 224). Hinduism stresses the role of women in regards to having sex regularly with the man which is shown through the erotic images of the temple and is still a concept used in India today. The Great Stupa of Sanchi, India (no time difference from ...

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...moss garden is not only a gorgeous site to see and walk through, but showcases Japan’s culture of respecting nature and self-discovery.
By the end, the trip serves as a journey through time and through the differing values of each culture. Sites of historical and cultural significance can be found anywhere and in any form based on the preservation of the society. In most cultures, religion and military proved to have had the highest impact, yet some were proud more of their skills to adapt and form symbolic thinking. The preservation of the ancient sites within Brazil, Africa, India, China, and Japan portray their values within their culture and what advancements they’re most proud of. To go through an adventure around the world would not only give insight to the culture of ancient civilizations, but insight into the advancements and values humans still hold today.

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