Essay on The Rise Of Globalization And Technology Companies

Essay on The Rise Of Globalization And Technology Companies

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Whit the rise of globalization and technology companies are looking for every advantage to gain a strategic advantage. Having a vision, mission and values statement are one way companies have attained these advantages. A vision is a long term aspiration of where the company wants to go. A mission is a long term goal, which is directed toward the stakeholders, and shows what the company wants to accomplish. Values are the principals on which the company operates. Having Vision, Mission and Value statements in place not only gives employees direction but it lets everyone else know what your company is about. Leaders within organizations who have these statements need to ensure full support so the company can continue to maintain a competitive advantage.
Establishing and maintaining a consistent strategic direction for the company begins with setting a clear vision for the company. (Olk, Rainsford, & Chung, nd) A vision statement is a future-oriented statement of a company’s purpose and objectives and should be long term. Essentially a vision statement is saying what the organization wants to become. “The strategy should flow directly from the vision, since the strategy is intended to achieve the vision and thus satisfy the organization’s mission” (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2015). Having a strategic vision will provides multiple benefits to a organization. “First, it presents a broadly shared sense of organizational direction and purpose” (Olk, Rainsford, & Chung, nd). In addition, “a vision also provides a framework for the organization’s missions and goals” (Olk, Rainsford, & Chung, nd). Finally, a strong vision leads to enhanced communication, participation, and commitment by employees” (Olk, Rainsford, & Chung, nd...

... middle of paper ... the actions (behavior and decisions) of the leader than to his or her words. Leaders need to ensure they are “consistent in decision-making, take action to defend and support the group or organization, and are aware of your personal behavior and how it is viewed by group members” (Scholl, 2001). Leaders need to lead by example and ensure that they don’t use the old cliché, "do as I say and not as I do".

As one can see, having vision, mission and value statements within ones organization can make it perform on a higher level, giving it a strategic advantage over other companies. These statements can help direct employees in what they need to accomplish, how they need to act and shows the stake holders what the company is about. Leaders need believe in and supporting these statements to set a good example for employees and ensure a future strategic advantage.

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