Essay about The Rise of Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Essay about The Rise of Earthquakes in Oklahoma

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The Rise of Earthquakes in Oklahoma
With earthquakes on the rise, we must figure out the cause of them and determine a solution to help limit or even prevent them from occurring. Since early 2009, earthquakes have been sweeping across the state of Oklahoma, causing many people to worry about their own well-being. Many scientists speculate the source of the earthquakes might be a result of Hydraulic Fracturing deep down in Earths’ crust. Hydraulic fracturing is a process in which oil and natural gas companies pump up to millions of gallons of wastewater, sand, and chemicals down drilled holes in order to release pockets of shale within the earth. This use of technology is in question of the potential cause or inducement of earthquakes in Oklahoma.
In 2009, there were more than 200 earthquakes recorded, which measured at 3.0 or larger. This bombardment of earthquakes is considered to be a substantial increase compared to previous record. In the following year in 2010, Oklahoma County experienced over 695 earthquakes and in which residents could feel 65 of them. While Oklahoma is no new comer to earthquakes, it is very apparent that the amount of quakes hitting Oklahoma is on the rise along with the intensity of them. While the largest of these earthquakes measured to be a 4.0, it was still capable of causing power strong enough to crack the sides of buildings along with foundations.
This significant rise has the people of Oklahoma worried about future earthquakes and potential damages that could occur. Rightfully so, most Oklahoma residents have never been properly taught how to prepare and deal with earthquakes. Our structures are designed primarily to deal with our natural threat of tornados. Oklahoma building codes are not...

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