The Rise Of Christianity On Earth Essay

The Rise Of Christianity On Earth Essay

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The rise of Christianity has had major implications on many different world events ever since its beginning. It all began with a man named Jesus teaching a certain way of life, and talking about a God who loves people. It was spread rapidly by a man named Paul, and even became the official religion for one of the world’s largest empires.
Jesus’s ministry on Earth is estimated to have begun around 30 A.D. and ended around 33 A.D. During His time on Earth Jesus taught many things that were contrary to normal way of life back then. He taught loving your enemy, blessing those who curse you, and praying for those who persecute you. He taught that God was more concerned with how we treated our fellow man, and how much we loved Him, rather that all of the religious rules being followed. This caused quite a ruckus in that time and led to His crucifixion. Christians believed that He died that death intentionally, and rose again to offer a means to have a relationship with God personally. This angered many, including a man named Saul.
Saul was a Pharisee or a religious leader at the time. H...

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