The Rise Of Ancient Greece And Persia Essay

The Rise Of Ancient Greece And Persia Essay

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The Rise of Ancient Greece and Ancient Persia Empires

Greece and Persia are two of the four great empires that rose to the top rapidly. Both empires have well organized political systems that greatly influenced the way later governments were structured in the United States and Europe. Greece and Persia empire’s structures weighed greatly on their development and growth, but the diverse topographies of Greece and Persia also made a vast impact. These features affected the cultures and even how the political government changed overtime.
Geographical Factors of Ancient Greece and Persia
As the mainland Greece grew, resources became scarce and competition increased (Acrobatiq,2014.) This caused the Greeks to resettle in the coastal areas of the Black and Mediterranean Seas. The Mediterranean Sea was a part of the Aegean region, so while it was a great location for trading, it still was environmentally harsh. The Aegean region is made up of rugged mountains, deep valleys with poor, rocky soil and is narrow. This area was great for crops of grapes and olives, but bad for essential crops such as wheat (Acrobatiq,2014.)
On the other hand, wheat and barley were major crops for the Persian economy. As Persia expanded, they surrounded the fertile lands of Mesopotamia and Egypt and later the Indus Valley. Since Persia received little rain, water was a big necessity. Persians were known as agriculturalists, so they began using iron tools to plow and forming irrigation systems such as the qanat system (originated in Oman or Armenia) and building aqueducts and cisterns to cultivate crops (acrobatiq,2014.)
Diverse Culture Characteristics of Greece and Persia
Ancient Greece’s “age of recovery,” was the time period the Panhellenic culture started...

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...) After Solon resigned, citizens started another uproar and democracy came into effect. Democracy during that time, is what it means now which is based on the common people. Democracy was noted as the most fair and inclusive form of government during that time. The democracy was made up of a citizen assembly, which was five hundred free men ranging from the age thirty-two and up. The assembly also chose ten magistrates. This particular assembly debated and made important decisions for the people. An argument later rose about free men being considered citizen and them escalated to the fact that only wealthy citizens could hold a seat in the government office. Middle class citizens were allowed to vote in the assembly, but poor citizens were not. Over time this led to a Pericles form of government on to the Hellenistic Monarchies after the death of Alexander the Great.

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