The Rise Of A New Woman Essay

The Rise Of A New Woman Essay

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The rise of a new woman, contrasting and disregarding the stereotypical contraints, created a moral panic around many, in particular the men in Britian during the 1950s. The media played an important role in shaping 1950s British society by reinforceing the idealistic image of the domestic Goddess that women were expected to aspire to be. Advertisements were often shown praising new technology that aided women in becoming the perfect housewife and slogans that focussed on pleasing men or encouraging husbands to purchase the products, such as 'she 'll be happier with a Hoover '. The media obtained a regressive outlook and sought to discourage women from combining employment with their home duties. The media embarked on creating a negative attitude towards women who wanted to pursue a career and instead emphasised and encouraged the woman 's domesticity and dependence to fulfil their role as a wife and a mother. However, 1950 was arguably the basis of the changes seen in 1960 and the rise of the 'new woman ' which challenged gender roles and caused tension and conflict in society.

The New Woman pushed the limits set by a male dominated society. The development of new education and career opportunities for women in the late nineteenth century, as well as new legal rights to property, meant that they were exposed to and offered a new position of freedom and choice. Women were able to gain some independence during World War II and 'working class living standards were undeniably improved by full employment and comprehensive welfare provsion ', which enabled women to receive maternity benefits and family allowance. However, this was used to encourage women to take on the domestic, motherly role by the Government and to dicourage wom...

... middle of paper ... literature are able to consider themselves as a piority rather than putting everything else first. Whilst the character of Jo demostrates to the 1950 's audience that the absence of a male figure is not necessarily a necessity to live a fulfilled life. As seen in The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, and throughout history, the view of women in literature came from the opinion of men. With authors such as Alan Sillitoe and Colin MacInnes, who paint females in a negative light, and only making important main characters male. However, writers such as Shelagh Delaney set out the basis for change, promoting an independent life both maritially and finacially. The 1950 's sparked the rise of the new woman and since women have been able to gain an enormous amount of freedom and self-reliance without the prejudice and without the contraints of a gender stereotype.

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