“The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Library at Alexandria” Essay

“The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Library at Alexandria” Essay

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The ancient Library of Alexandria is acknowledged as the capital of education in the ancient world, the vanished library was not the initial library in the world; however, it stands out because of its legacy. It lasted over six centuries, and was the globe’s first research center. Her founders were Alexander the Great and Ptolemy II Soter, but it was organized by Aristotle’s student Demetrius of Phaleron.
The library was abundance with books and scholars from all over the world. Even though the library was confuted and damaged, there are some pieces that have survived like Letter of Aristeas that where possibly a translation of the Hebrew Bible. The library of Alexandria was an integrated library; it accepted ideals from other cultures and counties.
The majority of the library’s books were either translated or written in Greek. The patrons did not just read or write, they also began disputation as well as studying the universe, dissected corpses, and calculated the terrain. The library was dedicated to the Muses; therefore: scientist, philosophers and artists used them as their inspiration. The halls and rooms were constantly filled with new scrolls on mathematics, physics, astronomy, natural science and many more. The antique library in addition had structured: gardens, reading rooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, dining rooms, a peripatetic school, a Greek temple, a zoo overflowing with exotic animals and a museum. Yet no one certainly knows how it is essentially built; especially on an illustration.
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Alexander III the Great was born in 365 B.C. in the capital of ancient Macedonia, Pella, and his parents were King Philip II and princess Olympias of Epirus. At age thirteen Aris...

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...move it.
Fact or fiction, no one actually knows who or what was truly in charge of the last of the library. In 2002 Egypt opened the new library The Bibliotheca Alexandria as an inspiration and tribute to the ancient library.

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