The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain Essay

The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain Essay

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Granted the people seek religion for means of peace and conflict resolution, it is widely believed that misinterpretation of religion is one of the fundamental reasons for evolution of war all around the world. History proves this by innumerable war and evolution incidents, one of them occurring in what we call now Spain.
Over a thousand years ago, Sothern Spain was home for Jews, Christians and Muslims living together, intertwining and establishing the best of their land by different means. Unfortunately, this reunion was vanished and lost forever.
In the 6th century, mild hatred aroused towards the Jews from the Visgothic Christians. Despite the peace and the relative freedom the Jews once encountered, the Christians began to persecute them and force them to convert to Christianity as they were a force of threat. Those 2 faiths struggled, one for survival and one for dominance.
In the other hand, a prosperous religion now known as Islam began its conquest in the Middle East reaching North Africa. There the Islamic empire gathers strength converting large number of native tribesman called “Berbers”. The Berbers started advancing their physical skills while an Islamic leader known as Tariq Bin Ziad set his eye on the vulnerable Visgothic Spain aiming to send the message of Islam abroad it. In 711, ferocious Tariq Bin Ziad and his fierce warriors reached Sothern Spain facing Visigoths King for the battle of Guadalete. The Muslim empire conquered the Christians, thus bestowing the Muslims a new land.
In the Islamic conquest, Muslims conquered large areas consisting of distinct religion members. Muslims believed that all religions should be treated respectably; hence Jews and Christians followed ...

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... practicing Islam. They were called Moriscos and were severely punished. After their execution, Al Andalusia was no longer Al Andalusia, power and dominance escaped from their territory.
Despite the defeat, Al Andalusia remains powerful for all the culture and knowledge it gave birth to. A wise man known as Alexander Von Humboldt proves this by quoting:” That period was a very dreamland of culture. Under enlightened caliphs, the Arabs in Spain developed a civilization which, during the whole of the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance, exercised pregnant influence upon every department of human knowledge. (...) Yet this Spanish-Arabic period bequeathed to us such magnificent tokens of architectural skill, of scientific research, and of philosophic thought, that far from regarding it as a fancy's dream, we know it to be one of the corner-stone of civilization”.

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