The Rise And Fall Of Alexander The Great Essay

The Rise And Fall Of Alexander The Great Essay

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The Rise and Fall of Alexander the Great
Terry L Byrd
History 1150 World Civilizations

Alexander the Great
Alexander is considered by many to be one of the greatest military figures of the ancient world. He was destined for greatness at an early age by his parents in which his father Philip II the wanted to unite all of Greece’s city states as one Greece. This was also prevalent by his education by the great Aristotle. When Alexander became king his army conquered most of the known world at that time. He was also very young when he died because of wounds suffered in his last battle.
When Alexander was growing up in Macedonia which is located in Northern Greece at this time. He had parents that were very supportive of him and his father Philip II, King of Macedon, Olympia the wife of Philip II was the princess of neighboring Epirus. At a young age of 12 Alexander proved to his father of his greatness as told by Plutarch in which he showed his skills with horses by taming the untamable horse Bucephalus in which was said to have eaten the flesh of others that tried to tame or ride Bucephalus. According to Plutarch, (Plutarch, 2004) the horse was a gift to the king but the king became outraged because the viciousness of the animal till Alexander rode the horse. Alexander’s father later told him that, “Macedonia was not a big enough kingdom for the both of them by him.”(Plutarch, 2004) Philip tired everything to raise his son with the best things in life. Philip later got the great philosopher Aristotle to teach Alexander the ways of education at the time in which plays a major role in how he was able to do so much in the short time that Al...

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...e have taken a different route. The unknown is there about the short reign of Alexander, thus this is why we call him “Alexander the Great”, because he had accomplished so much in a short amount of time he was ruler of the ancient world.

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