The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler Essay

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler Essay

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The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was one of the most effective and influential leaders in history, his actions during his lifetime still have an impact on today's world. He was Chancellor and later Dictator of Germany, provoked World War II, and was accountable for an estimated 11 million deaths total by the end of his life. Hitler overcame the literal world by rising from a homeless man to Chancellor of Germany, taking over Germany as dictator, and finally ruling over the majority of Europe throughout World War II.
Hitler's youth was not altogether bad, but it was a very influential time for his character. He did not get very good grades in school. He used a lung infection as an excuse to quit his formal education when he was only sixteen years old. He lost his brother in 1900, his father in 1903, and his mother in 1907. He dealt with many difficulties throughout his young life and some of these hardships may have had an effect on how he turned out as an adult.
Hitler's original dream was to be a great artist, but after being rejected from art school for the second time, he ended up an orphan, homeless, jobless, and friendless. After sleeping under bridges and parks for months, he eventually wondered into a shelter, where he met a man named Hanisch. With this man he went into business selling paintings and sold almost every single one(Giblin). Even if he was not accepted into art school, in many ways he would still be defined as a successful artist.
Adolf eventually quit the business and moved to Munich with the money recently received from his father's estate. He was at his happiest in Munich, painting and drawing street scenes, but in January 1914, he was called upon to report in his hometown of Linz to ...

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...rce and nearly eradicated the Jewish population along with other minorities(Giblin).
Hitler's reign was good in multiple ways. It strengthened the German economy, and it strengthened patriotism throughout Germany. He overcame hardships such as unemployment, rejection, homelessness, and loneliness. He influenced all of Germany and most of the world. He literally overcame the world, and if he would have been a little less greedy with his power, he would probably be looked upon more favorably today. He set out to make Germany pure, and he was successful at what he was trying to accomplish, whether it was in the world's best interest or not.

Samantha Fisher

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