Rio, Kyoto and Copenhagen UN Conferences Essay

Rio, Kyoto and Copenhagen UN Conferences Essay

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This essay, as mentioned in the title, refers to the 3 major conferences held in the past two decades, organised by the United Nations. The main objective was to reduce emissions, save the environment from further damage, and increase sustainability
The first one to be held was the Rio Summit, also known as the United Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). Following the Stockholm Conference of 1972, the UNCED received a far greater attendance, it received the participation of 172 countries with 108 heads of state, also included numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs), in the order of 2,400 and 17,000 people in the NGO forum. The outcome of this conference was three major agreements aimed at changing our approach towards development. [1] These were: Agenda 21, a comprehensive document that lists the actions that must be taken where humans directly affect the environment. The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (RDED), a list of 27 principles ‘defining the rights and responsibilities of the states’ towards sustaining the environment. Finally, The Statement of Forest Principles (SFP), a non-legally binding document that makes several recommendations towards the preservation of forest areas. [2]
Agenda 21 is divided into 4 sections. The first deals not with the environment but rather problems concerned with society, such as poverty and health. The second deals with development and the resources needed to develop such as biodiversity, and atmospheric pollution. The third again deals raising awareness to the general public about sustainability and increase the participation from their part, especially through NGOs and businesses. Lastly the fourth deals with the methods of implementation of the previous...

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