The Rio Grande Valley ( Rgv ) Essays

The Rio Grande Valley ( Rgv ) Essays

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The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) usually ranks among the top ten fattest cities in the United States. Because of the obesity concern in the RGV, I decided to change my eating habits at a young age. Unfortunately, my lack of nutrition knowledge and professional guidance led to a severe illness and several hospitalizations. Throughout my illness, I consulted with several professionals who taught me about healthy eating habits, mindset, and lifestyle. Being able to grow in a community with a high rate of obesity, yet also understanding malnutrition from personal experience helped me to understand and learn about nutrition on both extremes of the spectrum. Although my actions at a young age led to disabilities I currently struggle with, I developed a passion about learning the effects of food in the body. Thus, I decided to study Nutritional Science.
Upon coming to the University of Texas at Austin, I involved myself in organizations and activities that would help me develop my communication and professional skills, which are needed in a nutritional science career. I first joined AIESEC, a business organization that provides internship opportunities in Austin to international professionals. I became highly involved in business workshops, networking events, and attended local and national conventions. Shortly after, I was promoted to be an account manager in AIESEC for the partner company National Instruments. As an account manager, I developed my communication and marketing skills, because I was responsible for facilitating communications among a National Instruments’ representative, the AIESEC Hungary committee president, and our local chapter president. In addition, I interviewed potential interns for placements with Nationa...

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...ish vulnerable families, especially those in the RGV like mine, by creating nutritious meals that are affordable and accessible.
With all my goals in mind, I know I must improve my skills. The STARS Scholarship Fund will help me continue paying for my education that I will use after I graduate to make a difference in the RGV community. I am a highly motivated individual because of the different challenges I have faced throughout my life. I am different in the aspect that I have lived through both extremes of the nutritional spectrum as well as poverty and food insecurity since I was young and am very inspired about pursuing a career in nutritional science because of my personal experiences. I am encouraged and ready to apply my knowledge and experiences into a career as a nutrition expert by the time I finish my education at The University of Texas at Austin.

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