The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Part 1 a old man stops one man out of three that
were walking down the street to go to a wedding the man is
a relation of the married the man tries to get away but the
old man grabs the man with his skinny hand the man is held
there by the glitter of the old man's eye the man is listening
intently "Like a three years' child" the old man has the man's
attention the wedding guest sat down on a stone the mariner
went on with his story the boat was anchored by a kirk
KIRK- church EFTSOONS - unhand me ship was sailing
south because sun came up on the left side of the boat they
sailed closer to the equator every day because the sun came
overhead MINSTRIL - musicians the bride has started to
walk down the isle and the music is playing the old man
carries on there was a storm at the equator the storm drove
them to the south pole the storm was very strong they went
through mist and then it started to snow it became very cold
they went by very large chunks of ice floating through the
water (icebergs) there was nothing but ice and snow and
there was no animals, just ice an albatross flew over after a
few days the men were happy to see it because they needed
hope the men fed it the ice broke in front of the boat and
then they sailed through the ice to safety a good south wind
helped them sail north the bird followed them KEN - know
something NE'ER - never VESPERS -days the bird stayed
with them for nine days the ancient mariner shot the
albatross with his cross bow HOLLOW - called albatross
PART II burst of sea - ship wake there was no more bird
following the boat (the felt alone again) they ran out of food
the people on the boat cursed at the mariner for killing their
omen of good luck the wind had stopped Gods own head -
sun averred - swear, agree to they thought that the bird had
brought the fog because the fog had cleared after the bird
died the breeze stopped and the boat stopped the sky was
clear and it was very hot they were at the equator because
the sun at noon was above the mast they stayed there for a
few days without wind it was like they were a painting
"Water, water, everywhere," they could not see anything

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except the water "Nor any drop to drink." there was no
more water to drink the water was churning a spirit had
followed them from 9 fathom deep-6 feet deep under the
boat no one could talk because their tongues had swollen,
because of the drought the people tied the albatross around
the neck of the mariner PART III after quite a while the
mariner saw something in the distance tack and veer - take
advantage of a side wind the mariner bit his arm and drank
blood to tell that there was a boat coming there was no wind
or tide but the boat still moved there are two people on the
boat the man is the grim reaper the woman is life in death the
ship was only a skeleton of a ship the two played dice for
the crew life in death won there was no sunset but from light
to sudden dark each of the men on the boat died and cursed
the mariner with open eyes 200 men died one by one in a
sudden thump the mariner watches the men's souls leave
their bodies they all went by the mariner like arrows from his
crossbow PART IV the wedding guest is afraid that the
mariner is a spirit and becomes scared the mariner tells him
that he was the only one to survive the mariner was all alone
on the ship "a thousand thousand slimy things" maggots that
are eating the bodies the mariner really feels alone when he
cannot pray the flesh fell from the bones "cold sweat melted
from their limbs," they did not rot or smell bad they still
stared at him the mariner lived for seven days and nights
after the men died and he could still not die the things on top
of the water made the mariner feel like he was no longer
alone "O happy living things!" the mariner blessed the living
things at that same moment the mariner could pray because
he felt that someone was listening to him the albatross fell off
his neck and sunk into the sea PART V the mariner could
finally sleep he thinks that Mary sent him sleep from the
heavens he had a dream that dew was coming down it
started to rain in buckets he drank more than he thought he
could and he still continued to drink the wind started to roar
the wind did not come very close but close enough to shake
the sails and make the boat move he could see the moon at
the edge of the cloud that gave him wind and rain lightning
fell straight down the dead men gave a groan the dead rose
and started to walk on the deck the helmsman steered and
the rest worked the ropes the body of his brother's son
stood by the mariner the mariner wanted to help him with the
rope but the boy would not let him the wedding guest is
scared of the mariner again This was a way to forgive the
mariner for killing the bird the men died later in the morning
around the mast birds filled the air and were singing the spirit
made the ship move the sound of the sails were "pleasant"
there was no wind but the boat kept on moving the wind
stopped moving at noon and the boat also stopped the boat
moved back and forth in the water the boat moved quickly
and then the blood went into his head and the mariner was
knocked out he doesn't know how long he was there but he
woke up hearing two voices the one man loved both the
albatross and the man who shot the bird they agree that the
mariner has paid his penance but he should continue to do
so. PART VI all of the men were looking at the mariner
when he woke up the mariner could not pray again but then
the curse finally broke the ship flew through the air and went
very fast it flew him back to his own country if it is a dream
he wants the dream to last forever the wind chaser was
steady upon the kirk a man of all light stood upon every
corpse all of them waved to the mariner he was happy that
they all forgave him before they went to heaven the piolot
and his son came in a boat to see the men in the mariner's
boat the hermit also came and the mariner believed that the
sins would be washed away PART VII the hermit likes to
talk with mariners the men in the small boat do not know
where the ship came from the men notice the bad shape of
the boat and its sails the hermit was afraid of the boat but
insisted on moving on the mariners ship suddenly sank when
the rowboat came upon the mariners ship the pilot saved the
mariner. the mariner was knocked out by the crash of the
boat and he was lying in the water the rowboat was spinning
in the whirl that was caused by the sinking ship the mariner
spoke and the pilot was amazed and he "fell down in a fit"
the hermit then prayed the pilot's boy took a fit the boy
thought that the mariner was the devil the hermit had a hard
time standing when they got back to land the mariner must
travel to different lands for the rest of his life and tell the
story he can speak any language just as long as someone will
listen the wedding was over and everyone came out of the
church the bridesmaids are singing mariner tells wedding
guest that he must love man and all animals the mariner is
gone and the wedding guest is stunned when he walks
toward the church but he is wiser man but he is sad for the
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