Essay Rigor and Relevance Framework Educational Tool

Essay Rigor and Relevance Framework Educational Tool

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John F. Kennedy once said, “A child miseducated is a child lost.” As educators it is our job to teach all students to the best of our ability in order to prevent children from becoming lost in the educational realm. We can do this by adequately familiarizing ourselves with the current demands of the United State’s educational system. These demands consist of implementing a rigorous and relevant framework into every classroom along with knowing and being able to meet the new Common Core State Standards. Throughout this paper, I will discuss the Rigor and Relevance Framework and how it relates to the Common Core, the new demands of the Common Core Standards, how these standards provoke new means of assessment, the shift towards more informational-based texts, and the new ways of assessing writing through performance.
By adapting an academic tool with the words “rigor” and “relevance” in its title it is bound to ensure that no student will be miseducated. The staff of the International Center for Leadership in Education developed the Rigor and Relevance Framework in order to effectively evaluate and develop curriculum, instruction and assessment. This framework focuses on two important features. The first one is the continuum of knowledge, which can be seen on the left hand side of the table on the next page. This continuum is based on the six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and explains the different levels in which we think. The second dimension is the continuum of action, which can be seen on the bottom of the table. It describes how knowledge is put into action (Daggett, 2012). As the table suggests the two dimensions are then divided into four different quadrants.
In Quadrant A (Acquisition) students are required to learn and ...

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...rnationl Center for Leadership in Education: AL.pdf
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Smarter Balanced. (2012). Smarter Balanced Assessment. Retrieved from Smarter Balanced: Assessment Consortium: assessments/

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