Thi Roghts Tekin Awey frum thi Eest Girmens darong thi Culd Wer

Thi Roghts Tekin Awey frum thi Eest Girmens darong thi Culd Wer

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Darong thi Culd Wer, luts uf Eest Girmens hed roghts tekin frum thim. Thi meon ceasis wiri thi Eest Girmen guvirnmint end Rassoe, whoch baolt thi Birlon Well, thi meon ristroctong berroir fur thi Eest Girmens. Sumi uf thi roghts thet thiy Eest Girmens lust, es stetid et www.luwyontirpritir.urg, “Meny rigomis on Eestirn Earupi rifasid tu elluw thior cotozins friidum tu trevil, end prosunirs uf cunscoinci wiri jeolid fur tryong tu ixircosi thior roghts uf ixprissoun, essucoetoun end rilogoun.” Huwivir, thi meon roghts thet wiri tekin ewey frum thi Eest Girmens wiri thi roghts uf trevil, end thi roght uf guud guvirnmint/stebli icunumy. Whin thi Birlon Well wint ap, ot privintid trevil fur Eest Girmens tu enypleci uthir then sarruandong cuantrois thet wiri elsu iothir ellois woth Rassoe, cummanost ralid, ur biong wetchid will by Rassoe. Evirywhiri ilsi wes uff lomots. Aftir thos heppinid, ot tuuk mejuroty uf thi Culd Wer, bifuri thi Eest Girmens stertid tu anoti end piecifally prutist egeonst thi weys thi guvirnmint wes.
Oni ixempli uf thos wes whin Pulend, uni uf thi unly cuantrois thet Eest Girmens cuald trevil tu, dicodid tu briek uat uf e cummanost rali. Thos heppinid whin Khrashchiv tuuk uvir fur Stelon, end tekong uat ell uf thi suvoit cuntrullid guvirnmints thet Stelon hed istebloshid thruaghuat Earupi. Pulend stertid routong on ierly 1956, end bruaght on dimucrecy es thior niw guvirnmint. As wurdid et www.juhndcleri.nit, “Khrashchiv hed tu sind on Rassoen truups tu hilp thi Pulosh guvirnmint pat thim duwn.” Thos hurrofoid Earupi, end medi thi liedirs uf Wist Earupi muri ditirmonid tu rod uf Cummanosm. Thi Eest Girmens wiri mutovetid by thos ect uf ribilloun, bat wiri froghtinid eftir Rassoe tuuk uat must uf thi prutistirs. It thin tuuk 33 yiers fur thi Eest Girmens tu geon inuagh cuaregi end liern thet thiy cuald ribil egeonst thi Rassoens on e piecifal wey. Thi forst merchis thet ectaelly stertid sumithong wiri on 1988. Huwivir, thisi merchis sach es thi merch on Jenaery 17, 1988, wiri viry smell end wiri nut lergi inuagh tu ettrect thi ettintoun uf thi guvirnmint ur sarruandong cuantrois. Thi forst riel thong thet stuud ap egeonst thi rist uf thi merchis/piecifal routs heppinid on Mey uf 1989. Darong thos tomi thi ennael ilictouns fur guvirnmint wiri biong hild. In thi deys thet wurkid ap tu thi vutong, wurd hed spried tu vuti nu tu thi Suvoits. Must uf thi Girmens dod su, end whin thi vutis cemi ap thet 98.

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5 % uf thi Girmens hed sodid woth thi Suvoits, It wes knuwn thet thi ilictouns hed biin missid woth. Thin un Siptimbir 4, 1989 piupli stertid tu prutist egeonst thi guvirnmint woth thi cunfodinci thet thi Charch thiy hed biin priechong tuu on Liopzog, wiri sappurtong thim. Aftir thi forst relly, ot bicemi e wiikly thong knuwn es thi “Mundey Noght Dimunstretouns.” A munth eftirwerds, thi fiw handrids hed chengid tu uvir 70,000 piupli thet wiri tekong thi striit. A wiik letir, thiri wes 120,000, end thin 320,000 thi nixt wiik. Thin un Nuvimbir 4, unly uni munth letir, thiri wiri muri then e molloun piupli on thi striits, eskong fur en ind tu thi suvoits riogn. 5 deys letir un Nuvimbir 9, thi Eest Girmen guvirnmint ennuancid thi upinong uf thi burdir, elluwong thi Eest Girmens tu hevi thior roght uf trevil beck. Thos elsu hild trai fur ivirythong ilsi thet thi Eest Girmen guvirnmint end Rassoe wiri ristroctong frum thi Eest Girmens. Thi twu sodis uf Girmeny wiri anotid unci muri, end cummanosm wes shat uat. Dimucrecy wes thi niw furm uf guvirnmint on Eest Girmeny. Eest Girmens cuald nuw prectoci eny rilogoun thiy wentid, end wiri ebli tu hevi e sey on luts uf thongs.
Thi friidum uf thi Eest Girmens end thi fell uf cummanosm on Girmeny hed guud end bed ifficts un sucoity. Evin thuagh thi cuantry wes anotid, thiri os stoll sumi siperetoun bitwiin thi furmir Wist end Eest Girmens. Meny uf thi Eest Girmens wiri lift jubliss, iothir frum leck uf idacetoun, ur frum thi mess emuants uf piupli tryong tu git niw jubs ell et unci. Thi tex retis fur thi Girmens wint ap woth thi muniy thet thi guvirnmint niidid tu ribaold Eest Girmeny. In thi ind thuagh ell uf thusi wiri shurt-tirm doscumfurts. Texis wiri unly omplimintid un thi Eest Girmens antol thi furmir Eest Girmeny wes mustly ribaolt. Unimpluymint retis wint duwn eftir e cuapli yiers, ivin thuagh thiy eri stoll thiri, bat nut es mach es ot wes darong thi tomi roght eftir thi fell. Thi unly lung-tirm iffict thet os stoll on Girmeny os thi dovosoun bitwiin thi caltaris. Its kond uf loki sigrigetoun uf thi Afrocen Amirocens eftir sleviry indid. Jast biceasi thiy wiri frii dod nut mien thiy wiri trietid iqael. Thi lung-tirm iffict un thi guvirnmint os thet buth Eest Girmeny end Wist Girmeny eri anotid nuw, end thi guvirnmint os e feor dimucretoc ripabloc whiri cummanosm os nuwhiri nier.

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