The Rights Of Uganda Gay Rights Essay examples

The Rights Of Uganda Gay Rights Essay examples

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Uganda gay rights are much more challenging and harsh than in the United States. Even though the United States has equal rights, Uganda gay community is suffering with trying to be who they are. Both countries still struggle with accepting the rights of the LBGT community. Uganda and the United States have a lot of differences as well as similarities when it comes to gay rights. Organizations, laws, government, hate crimes, suicide and crimes are things that will be discussed, when comparing and contrast this paper.
Organizations which is important simply because organization help people to have support. Especially when dealing with a topic as sensitive as gay rights. Both Uganda and United states have support groups when dealing with gay rights. Sexual minorities Uganda also known as SMUG (Okeowo 64). SMUG is a group that helps gay individuals feel they are valuable. It helps fight discrimination against people who don’t stand for the LBGT community in Uganda. It helps to let the Uganda people know that they have someone who is with them and not against them.
This organization has protected the gay people to feel they have a source of comfort when things get tough (Okeowo 66). Not only does it protect, educate but they also put a lot of time in with the people in the community. Sometimes they host rallies or events that support gay people (Okeowo 66). Hosting rallies help the gay people feel human. They feel this is their way to express their-self, and be who they truly are.
Rochester social justice organization which focus on equality and human basic rights (Gates, Russell, Gainsburg 39). This organization bases its right on justice and equality. They feel like no matter what color, age or social class you come from you are i...

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... or over dosing on pills. This was mostly seen in younger adults (Kinyanda et al). Simply because they feel they have no other reason to live. Since they can’t express their-self and be who they would like to be.
Suicide in the United Sates does occur in the ay population, but not as much in Uganda. That at least 3-4 % of our gay population committee’s suicide (Haas et al). it still does happen but maybe just because of peer pressure or stress. Most people who committed suicide in the United States ether hung their-self or shot their-self (Haas et al). Maybe they wanted it to be quick and painless. Unlike people in Uganda they would poison their self. Sometimes it could take up to three days before they would actually die (Haas et al).
Uganda gay rights are very limited. Uganda focuses on laws and rules. Hat make gay rights much more harsh then the United States.

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