The Rights Of The Human Rights Commission Essay

The Rights Of The Human Rights Commission Essay

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Jones (2001, p. 258) argues that children within immigration processes are not granted full access to the rights defined in the UN’s Rights of the Child convention. Their rights may be affected, such as right to remain in the country, right to join with family, and ability to claim asylum (Jones, 2001, p. 258).
The Human Rights Commission (2014, p. 62) argues that Australia has a duty of care to all people in detention centres especially children, which is currently unmet due to the unsafe conditions of detention centres. From January 2013 to March 2014, it was found that there were 233 incidents of assault involving children, 27 acts of hunger strikes by children, and 33 reported incidents of sexual assault mostly involving children (Human Rights Commission, 2014, p. 62). Overall there were 57 serious assaults, 207 incidents of self-harm, 436 threats of self-harm and 188 incidents of hunger strike not including children (Human Rights Commission, 2014, p. 62).
85% of children and adults stated their mental and emotional health was affected negatively in detention (Human Rights Commission, 2014, p. 58). In June 2014, mental health assessments were completed on 243 children in detention centres and found that 34% had serious mental health issues (Human Rights Commission, 2014, p. 59). In contrast to the wider public, less than 2% of children in the Australian Public would be described as serious mental health issues (Human Rights Commission, 2014, p. 59). There is a clear correlation between length of stay in detention centres and rates of serious mental health issues (Human Rights Commission, 2014, p. 61). Psychologist working with children after their release from detention noted that while a full recovery can be made, there ar...

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...y were irresponsible for bringing children on the unsafe trip, they were able to pay their way to Australia therefore they were not asylum seekers were among the many accusations (Jupp, 2003, p. 169). The politicians also declared that the detention centres were acceptable and that all complaints were unjustified (Jupp, 2003, p. 169).
Gap in Knowledge
There are many gaps in current research as most is aimed at proving it creates mental, physical, emotional, and developmental issues in an inhumane environment. other research tries to show how public opinion is changed through the mainly negative political and journalistic views shown to the public.
How would other options help asylum seekers or would deter future asylum seekers? Do other options need to be a deterrent as it is not illegal to seek asylum and Australia has only a small percent of refugees worldwide?

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