The Rights Of The Elderly Essays

The Rights Of The Elderly Essays

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In today’s society we do not care much about the elderly. We usually just put them in nursing homes and leave them there. Then, we see these videos online, or stories about how badly the elderly men and women get treated. “Many elderly adults are abused in their own homes, in relatives’ homes, and even in facilities responsible for their care.” This is a problem that happens not only here in the United States, but other places in the world as well. “In the U.S. alone, more than half a million reports of abuse against elderly Americans reach authorities every year, and millions more cases go unreported.” This is a sad but true fact. “Many seniors around the world are being abused: harmed in some substantial way often by people who are directly responsible for their care.” Sometimes this abuse can come from frustration toward the patient, or from the caregiver wanting the elderly person’s money. Either way, there are far too many abused seniors in today’s society. Whether it’s neglect, mental, physical, or financial abuse, it needs to be stopped. We need to learn how to respect and care for our elderly citizens, not abuse them. (Robinson)
Financial abuse of elderly citizens can come in many different ways. Some people take money or property, others forge the elderly’s signatures, some even take their property and belongings. They also conduct scams, fraud, trickery, for financial gain. People that may financially abuse someone are usually seeking employment as personal care attendants, counselors, or other things to gain access. They also may find vulnerable elders by driving through neighborhoods to find them, as well as move from community to community in order to avoid being apprehended or caught. Sometimes they even pose to b...

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...e day, we can learn to care about the wellbeing of our senior citizens, and our people as a whole. There is so much senior abuse happening all over the U.S. and other places around the world. Such abuse as financial abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. All of this abuse could be happening from anywhere, by anyone, at any point in time. It usually comes from the caregivers of the senior citizens. Which can even be paid nurses who are expected to care for someone’s loved one. People have many different reasons to why they abuse seniors, most come from selfishness. It is is a sad thought that one day, I may be the one that is receiving this abuse. Hopefully by the time that day comes, there will be a change in society that causes this abuse to end. I just hope that as a society we can end this abuse before anymore people have to live through abuse.

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