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The Rights Of The Community Essay

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In these times it is hard for the Christion community to stand up to anything because the word
criticizes the Christion community a lot. The Christion community has to stand up since they really
care about keeping everything they hold dear from there god the same as it support to be as their
lord Jesus Crist spoke in the olden days. So for them to keep what they treasure they must stand up to
the court to prove their point. The Christion community can and will have to stand up so they can get
what they want. They need to stop sitting around and start standing up to the man because just like
the gay community did to get there rights the Christion community must do the same to get there
rights. They must get up together so together they can get there rights of being able to say no to any
gay marriage being brought up in there church. To stop the wants of the gay community of which is
getting married in the Christion community churches as well as there religion and the way of their
marriage proses. The Christians must get up to protect their religious views. Yet how will they
accomplish this “standing up to the man”? Well they are many ways for them to stand up to the man
one of the ways can be starting up a campaign to protest what they find wrong which is the law that
lets the gay community get married in their churches. Another way they can is they can get together
and this means all of and what they can do is stand up together and all of them say no to the gay
community trying to get married; that’s when the government will get in and start arresting all these
Christians and that will be the moment the world sees how cruel the government is and the law that
was put up. The Christion can also go march in front of the capital i...

... middle of paper ...

...egal problems which a campaign has people rights in it since they are allowed to have
their freedom of speech. As most people know pastors these day are scare don 't tell gay people no
when it comes to marriage but there has been people tell them no because that is what they are
support to do is keep the world of go to it truth. Yet their Christians who said no have been put into
jail because the law gives gay power to do that and with that happening it scares off the people of the
church to even want to try to say no to solution with protesting in a campaign though is a better way
for them to show them that they aren’t scared of the law and with all these Christians together the
can expose the cruelty of the court and the laws that been set out because freedom of speak gives
them the right to do such a thing and no legal problem will happen all because it conational.

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