Essay on The Rights Of The American People

Essay on The Rights Of The American People

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The rights of the American people have a society teetering back in forth of what is right and wrong. Our Florida Court System has society, wondering how and why some high profile cases have come back with the verdicts of “not guilty”. Depending on the circumstances whether society wants a “not guilty” or “guilty” verdict. Problems arise with the breakdown of our Florida Court System. When you put into consideration of a high profile cases there is still only one clear result, facts and the law. Our nation is brought up with the facts that we are not perfect and can make mistakes.

There are two high profile cases that almost everyone followed. Especially if a person lived in Florida. There were so many emotions from the cases of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. Most all people in Florida read and watched TV to follow what new information was brought into the courtroom throughout the cases. By the time the verdicts were read society was enraged, how can they be found “not guilty”?
When looking further into any case, let alone a high profile case the jury has to find the person charged “guilty” beyond a reasonable doubt. That alone is a hard thing to be in charge of. Hearing those words, consider all evidence and testimony brought in the courtroom, what the judge has told the jury, and how the jury has to interpret the law. Basically the defendant’s life is at the juror’s mercy, whether they are “guilty” or “not guilty” (Grinberg 2011).
Looking further at what the jurors had to hear about Casey Anthony to try to convict her makes a person wonder, did she or didn’t she do it? It started out sometime after June 2008 when something happened to Caylee Anthony. For approximately thirty days Casey Anthony did n...

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... profile cases are where the public eye wants there to be a conviction. The problem is that they want a higher conviction, because of what they feel about what the crime was. The evidence, however shows something different and society gets mad at the fact the judicial system can’t convict on circumstantial evidence or because they think the person was in the wrong.
Prosecutors face the problem every day of not enough evidence, no witnesses, conflicting evidence, conflicting witnesses, and etc. to help find the person “guilty”. The defense on the other hand has one main job. That job is to put some kind of doubt in the eyes of the jury. If the jury has any doubt to convict the person being charged they are instructed to not convict them. When defendants in high profile cases go free society feels like it is a letdown to our American legal process (Resta 2008).

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