Rights of Students with Disabilities Essay

Rights of Students with Disabilities Essay

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In todays society the legal system has put various laws in place to protect the rights of students with disabilities. With changes, comes challenges. Although special education has come a long way and has made significant improvements, there have also been many difficulties. These challenges alone make an impact on the ability to successfully merge into better educational opportunities for students with disabilities. These challenges include increased isolation. Although public schools are required to provide students with a free and appropriate education, many do not provide students with a learning environment conducive for them to be successful at their individual level. Many are placed in isolation. This not only affects students, but the teachers and parents as well. Parents also have rights to protest decisions and be included during the decision making process. If a school or district does not follow these laws, they can face very serious consequences. In the cases of Honig vs. Doe and the educational system violated the Education Handicap Act by failing to provide the students a Free Appropriate Public Education.
Honig vs Doe
The laws for students with disabilities are put into place to ensure that students with disabilities are able to receive an appropriate education. When school districts do not enforce the laws parents and advocates have the right to seek help from the legal system regarding these matters. In the case of Honig vs Doe the parents felt that the school system violated the students rights to a free and appropriate education (FAPE) under the Education Handicap Act (EHA). Many questions arose as to the students conduct towards others being dangerous. The school district felt that the student conduct viola...

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...isruptive behavior in educational settings and were given consequences authorities felt were appropriate for their actions.

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