The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities Essay

The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities Essay

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Imagine a six year old little girl who wants to skate on a skating rink. This girl loves skating and she was excited. Her mom was upset when the employee told her that her daughter could not be on the rink because she had to be in a wheelchair. Also the mom realized that same day that they had no accessible parking spots so the mom told the city and they ended up putting 2 accessible parking spots in. Thankfully there was a law in place that could do something about this incident and they ended up getting to go skating because there were laws against discrimination. The United States is considering making new laws that would protect people with disabilities but there are pros and cons to this issue. The CRPD was established to look into this issue and advise law makers. There have been many articles written about this issue and two of them are “Should the Government Specifically Mandate Rights for the Disabled” and “A Fine Balance: Reconsidering Patient Autonomy in Light of the Un Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” by Jillian Craigie.
The convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD) was not controversial in the beginning. According to the author the CRPD is “an international treaty intended to improve the treatment of people with disabilities throughout the world”. (“Should the government”, 2013). The treaty was most popular in developing countries where people with disabilities often do not have what they need. According to the author “Even in the united states, one of the global leaders in disability rights, people with disabilities suffer considerably higher rates of poverty and unemployment then people without disabilities.” (“Should the government”, 2013).
There were individuals that oppo...

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...lth issues. Craigie and “Should the Government” both brought up opinions about how it might not work as well as people would like it too. However, at the same time, they both bring up the point that the CRPD could be beneficial. “Should the Government” focuses on the fact that the CRPD is based off the Americans with Disabilities Act and Craigie focused on helping people with mental health issues through the CRPD. People with disabilities all across the world need equality and autonomy to live their lives the way that they want to live them. Giving people with disabilities equality and autonomy will help to make their lives better like all people in the world want. Helping people with disabilities is something that needs to be addressed by all people not just the government and using the CRPD along with the Americans with Disabilities Act will do just that.

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