The Rights And Funding Of Political Competition Essay

The Rights And Funding Of Political Competition Essay

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The Rights and Funding of Political Competition
The freedom of speech greatly impacts political competition. The first amendment is the foundation in the country 's legal documents to protect the rights of speech to the politicians so that they can campaign freely. Freedom of speech applies to the politicians who are running for office and the media that covers the campaign trails of the politicians. The range of that freedom has deliberated in court cases such as the Supreme Court Case, United Citizen versus the Federal Election Committee. Decisions on funding have made an impact on political competition and the delegators of information that feeds elections.
The first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was created to protect the rights of speech, press, religion, and peaceful assembly, of all citizens to prohibit Congress from passing laws that infringe these legal rights. This amendment is straight forward and identifies the first United States American citizens eagerness to worship freely and vocalize beliefs without being persecuted by their government. This amendment also protects the right to petition the Government when the citizens feel they have been wronged. This amendment reflects the era of the new nation and its separation from Great Britain. It recognizes the very threats to freedom that were fought to gain independence and reflects the importance to all citizens. The nation has grown extensively in population, industrialization, and technology advances, since the first amendment was created. The rights protected by the first amendment have branched to more concerns than the forefathers could have imagined. The people and politicians have the right to say what they want and or...

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...s made by corporations are used at various media outlets. There is a vast circulation of funding by politicians, corporations, and media outlets all for the cause of getting their word out to the public.
The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United states plays a significant role because it ensures the freedom to an individual or group of individuals to vocalize and act upon their beliefs in support of a political campaign. Without the First Amendment the people would not be able to express their own beliefs and would be controlled by overpowering Congress. The news media has the power of the press to deliver information to viewers who become the voters. The more funded a news media is, the more power it has in giving information to a larger audience. Political competition in America would not be the same without these rights and sources of opportunity.

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