The Right to Privacy via Electronic Transmissions Essay

The Right to Privacy via Electronic Transmissions Essay

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The right to privacy, via electronic transmissions to include the internet, is an ever present issue that does not and most likely will not ever have a solution that will not only satisfy the wants of citizens but the security needs of the nation. When issues of privacy arise we refer to a non-evolving, interpreted document called the Constitution written over two centuries ago. In order to maintain national security, citizens must surrender some privacy for the good of the nation and themselves. If privacy takes precedent over national security, then our nation becomes susceptible to attacks both electronic and physical in nature. But if a fair and proper agreement between the need for privacy and security can be reached, then it is possible to live in a nation where privacy and security have equal value. Benjamin Franklin said, “those who would give up essential Liberty…deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” To understand the scope of the argument you have start where the United States began.
The Framers or Founding Fathers, wrote the Constitution with the intention of it being a living document. The document was meant to be the law of land, and at that time the land consisted of only 13 states. If the constitution is a living document, then it should have the ability to evolve and adapt. But the Constitution was written on paper and does not have the ability to magically change itself. It must be modified by people. In order to modify such all powerful document there are specific processes that must be followed. It is a time consuming and troublesome task to adjust or change the constitution, so instead it’s interpreted by the Supreme Court. There must be a sense of trust between citizens and non-elected justices....

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