Right Side Heart Failure Affects The Cardiovascular System Of The Human Body

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Right SIde Heart failure affects the Cardiovascular system of the human body. The most affected part is the muscle known as the heart. After the heart the next part affected would be the blood vessels. The blood vessels break down to the arteries, veins, and capillaries. Following down the line the next affected piece is the blood itself. This leads to issues in all tissues in the body outside the cardiovascular system. Examples being skeletal muscle, stomach, liver and all other organs and tissues that are fed blood. The heart is made of three layers Epicardium, Myocardium, Endocardium. The outer layer is the Epicardium which has a layer of simpler squamous cells known as mesothelium . This outer layer has fibroelastic connective tissue, Adipose tissue also known as Fat, blood vessels that feed the heart oxygenated blood and lymphatics. The middle layer known as the Myocardium consists of endomysial connective tissue which houses capillaries and also is home to cardiac muscle fibers. The final layer is the endocardium which is the innermost layer. This layer lines the inside of the heart such as atria and Ventricles. Basement membrane is located here along with loose connective tissue and adipose tissue. The anatomy aspect of the heart starts with the superior and inferior vena cava pushing blood into the right atrium and flows down to the ventricles on the right side. The heart then heads to the pulmonary trunk then to pulmonary arteries which leads to the heart. This then flows back to the pulmonary veins back to the heart. After this blood enters in left atrium to left ventricle which leads out to the aorta. this then sends oxygenated blood to the tissues of the body. The heart starts with the right atrium filling with blo... ... middle of paper ... ... the heart. This test is then copied and viewed by the doctor for irregularities. It is important to stay still to not cause false readings. Normal heart will come back at 60 - 100 bpm and normal rhythm. However with right sided heart failure will cause issues in the rhythm in the heart along with a faster heart beat to compensate for the lack of blood. The purpose of the test is that it follows the heartbeat and shows if the heart has any complications. This test will show the heart is having an issue with blood flow and the raised heartbeat. Treatment for this disease can be taken two ways, first being medication. One can medicate with a Beta-blockers which will lower blood pressure and slow down the fast rhythm seen in EKG. The other option is surgery with opening up blood vessels to allow for better blood flow along with reabsorbing excess fluid in the lymphatics

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