The Right Of Equal Education For All Essay

The Right Of Equal Education For All Essay

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The Right to Equal Education for All
According to Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power.” Across the world, not all children have equal access to the education enabling that power. Because different countries have opposing viewpoints, all education systems are not the same. Many cultures discriminate against women or the disabled attending school, or they provide poor quality education. This paper explores what it means to provide “equal” education, disparities limiting education, and improvements some countries are making in the schools.
Equal Quality Education
How do we measure a country’s educational success? By literacy rates? Enrollment rates? What exactly is primary education? What is the goal of education? All of these questions have no exact answers, making it difficult to provide equal education across borders. Different countries have differing viewpoints of education.
A Human Rights-Based Approach to Education, according to UNICEF, guarantees children the right to a quality education (Greany, K, 2008). However, the right to education only assures that children are enrolled in school (Mcmillan, L.K., 2010). Despite being enrolled, how many children are actually attending school, and what quality of education are they given? It is impossible to measure what “equal” means worldwide, so adopting an approach to equal education cannot be done. Rather, it is the duty of policymakers and governments to maintain educational systems and oversee that the education provided is non-biased, non-discriminatory, and high-quality. The goal of education, according to L.K. Mcmillan, is to develop children into effective members of society (2010).

Not all children have access to school. Education is affect...

... middle of paper ..., a rights-based approach in Africa is under wat to provide equal education to women and change the cultural view on the role of the woman (Greany, K, 2008). Worldwide, the Human Rights-Based Approach focuses on poverty reduction and raising the quality of education (Mcmillan, L.K., 2010). With these improvements, it’s important not only that the rules are made, but that policymakers and governments work to enforce those rules (Greany, K, 2008).
In order to truly provide universally equal education, governments and leaders must come together to fight the disparities currently plaguing school systems. Many efforts will yet be made as we aspire to create an equal, non-biased, safe educational system for children all over the world. With improvements, all educational systems will yield productive members of society wielding the power of knowledge.

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