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In the first place, employees who have posted on Facebook a post that is offensive to either different races, groups or religions should be terminated. By all means, I would not care to have a co-worker that insulted my beliefs, publicly. This could create the work environment as being hostile and stressful. Certainly, posting on Facebook every opinion that pops into a person 's mind is not what is right. Sometimes people need to consider the consequences of what they are thinking before they say it. One researcher explains that "Right now the National Labor Relations Board is preparing to hear a case when an employee was fired after criticizing her boss on Facebook" (Lucas Para. 2). It is extremely inappropriate for an employee to criticize their boss and to put it on Facebook for everyone to view is highly unacceptable in a professional position. If posting regarding a race, religion, or group another co-worker believes may cause problems in the work environment. Employers should have the power to terminate an employee for being offensive on Facebook to a certain race, group or religion.
In the same fashion, when having a job that requires an employee to represent the company, the employee should be terminated if posting on a Facebook post that reflects poorly on the company. For an illustration, it is wrong for employees to post pictures of their selves doing drugs at a party because no one is going to want to do business with an someone doing drugs. To put it in another way, employees such as teachers are supposed to guide students and help them to grow, that is what makes schools appealing to students. As Rob Jenkins has noted, "Sometimes teachers opinions are posted by their students, so they always need to be cautious wh...

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...of a button. Based on Suzanne Lucas 's experience, anyone has the right o free speech but not free from the consequences of their speech(Lucas Para. 4). Sometimes when people post on Facebook their opinions, they do not think about all the people it could affect. When a post is offensive, effects the company poorly or violates the confidentiality agreement, employees should have consequences just like a child behaving badly and getting something taken away. If a person does not want for other to know their opinions or thoughts, they should not put it out there for everyone to see (Lucas Para. 6). Anyone can see a post on Facebook just by scrolling through their feed. Terminating employees is not a violation of an employee free speech right because it is their free right to post what they want on their Facebook page, therefore, consequences could occur from the post.

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