Essay The Right Mindset For Success

Essay The Right Mindset For Success

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The right mindset for success

There are many roads to be successful in learning, but they all involve developing mindset. Developing the right mindset is a key success for most learning. Carol S.Dweck, the author of " brainology", indentified two diffent mindsets : fixed mindsets and grow mindsets. These impact student 's learning differently. From my point of view, having a growth mindset is the best for success since this belief assists students learn and develop a good self-motivation in goals, efforts, and setbacks.

Firstly, the benefit of a growth mindset is students have smart goals in school. Dweck shows that, " Those with a growth mindset were much more interested in learning than in just looking smart in school " (Dweck 2). Who have growth mindsets are more likely tend to focus on understanding and improving themselves. Those are eager to learn criticism, challenges rather than ignoring. They convinced that school provides a lot of opportunities to develop intelligence. For instance, Thomas Edison, who is one of the most successful innovator in the world. However, his ...

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