Essay about The Right Marxism

Essay about The Right Marxism

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The recent revolution is definitely the turning point of Russia history. We finally get rid of Tsar’s autocracy over the country for hundreds of years. It’s certain that feudalism has gone, and people of Russia will enjoy the freedom. Yet it is still on debate about what is to be done. One particular question is that which group of people should ultimately rule the country. Mensheviks gives the answer: working class.
Some people – Socialist Revolutionary Party – want the peasants to rule the country, because they are the majority. However, there are two problems that will erode peasants’ ruling. The first problem is SRs’ incapability to communicate with the whole population of peasants, as they are illiterate and do not care anything but their land. SRs don’t want to mention their pioneer’s fail attempt of “going to the people”, but that’s the reality. The second and larger problem is that the peasants’ class will no doubt be weakened by industrialization, when peasants leave their land, work in factory, and become working class. Their power is decreasing for sure, because industrialization is inevitable. So peasant class is not a good candidate for ruling the country.
Others argue that this country should be based on middle or merchant classes that are emerging since the industrialization of Russia about two decades ago. They, Kadets, insist on building the country following the Britain democracy. But they are wrong for two aspects. One is the fact that middle class is too weak to be influential. Their model Britain has a much stronger middle class, and the difference is not neglectable, but decisive. The second aspect is that, well, they don’t understand Marxism. They don’t know that their dream capitalism society is just on...

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...e to us, and until then will we represent the working class and lead our country towards communism.
I understand that Mensheviks is a minority party, and will keep being minority for a long time. This is because Marxism, our ideology, needs some knowledge to understand and accept, while there aren’t many literate people in this country. And also, we should realize that our time has not come yet. We are not capitalists, who need majority of the vote to rule the country and get benefit from it. We’d rather be a small but lively party, in which we help the development of our country and study Marxism theory, waiting for the proletariat revolution to come.
That’s why I write this essay in Moscow University, where people are smart and responsible for Russia, and I hope you students to join us. Though we may be minority, we are the right minority. Time will prove that.

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