Right Attitude towards the Earth Essay

Right Attitude towards the Earth Essay

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What is the right attitude towards the Earth, when so many of its societies abuse its resources and disregards the matrix of life? The basic understanding of self, how self interacts with the numbered moments of life, is vital to the right attitude of being conscious of the earth. Listening and obeying our conscience is essential for fostering world peace and harmony. Bonding is mandatory to achieve the right attitude towards the earth. Living in a life that is not conscious one cannot truly understand the wisdom of earth. Without keen ears, one cannot hear the conscience and the spirit will not mature. Neglecting the conscious and conscience one cannot mature through bonding. I am what I am, and my bonds with my surroundings are pure without this bond I could not pursue my path of enlightenment with the right attitude towards the earth and the creator. The society’s abuse, neglect, and complacency of Earth’s gifts and natural resources plague humankind’s very existence. Dumping toxic waste, animal cruelty, and genetically modifying plants and foods are merely a few examples to the abuse and neglect. The profiteering capitalist of America holds contempt for her lands, and we must strive to reach harmony with nature before she destroys us.
To begin with, the attitude of contempt toward the earth attribute directly to society’s innate ability for complacency. Contempt is a feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior or worthless. Humans are not born with contempt; humans learn it through social conditioning and the complacency that comes with that training. It is important to understand that contempt of our society is killing the earth and is setting the stage for a lethally disastrous environment for...

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...and the concept of perpetual motion machines intriguing. I have developed a prototype for a perpetual motion machine, although showing promise it has not worked out completely yet. I know that these are rather large undertakings, however when taken in small deliberate steps anything is possible. Additionally, to solidify my responsibilities for the right attitude towards the earth, I have taken on the study of herbs and vitamins. I utilize a daily regimen of vitamins and herbs. I do not believe in prescription drugs. A drug has to be at least 20% toxic in order to be classified as a prescription drug. Some drugs rate higher than that. That is a clear contemptuous attitude towards the body, and I cannot allow that to happen to my temple. To defile my body is to defile the earth; with this understanding, I begin my path on the right attitude towards the earth.

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