Right And Wrong : The Law Of Nature Essay

Right And Wrong : The Law Of Nature Essay

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1. Explain what Lewis means by the “Law of Nature” or the “Law of Human Nature.”
Lewis means that the “Law of Nature” implies humans’ natural choices. He implies that many people today perceive the Law of Nature as gravity or other scientific option which is non-negotiable; however, Lewis states that the “Law of Nature” that he is speaking of implies a negotiable topic. One may choose to follow it or to not follow it.
2. When people are quarreling, to what are they appealing when they say, “How’d you like it if someone did the same thing to you?” (p. 3)
They are appealing to a standard of behaviour that many people require others to follow. When people are fighting, they are looking for an excuse that may give him special circumstances. For example, one may say you have to give me some food, I gave you some. A person may say well now I don 't have enough food which is grounds for special circumstances.
3. When you hear a cry for help from someone in danger, you probably feel two desires. Explain these desires. What is the third thing you feel and how does it help?
The two desires you probably feel are to give help to the person in danger because of your knowledge of the need, and the other desire is a desire to keep out of danger because of the knowledge that it could harm you. The third desire is the desire that tells you what to do. It is similar to making the choice which is still a choice. It helps by clearing our mind and accentuating the moral law and help side with the correct desire.
4. By comparing moralities and saying that one is better than another, what is one doing? Why? What are the implications?
By saying that one is better than the...

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...ority. Without specific beliefs, we are not giving authority to anyone who has proven or also believes in such things as God and religious beliefs that follow the authority of God.
24. How does the schoolboy perceive God? Is this your perception? Why or why not?
The schoolboy perceives God like a person who is snooping in other people’s business and trying to stop them from being happy. No this is not my perception because God is helping us be happy everyday with everything He has given us.
25. What is the purpose of every moral rule? Does this make sense? Why or why not?
Moral rules help prevent humanity from experiencing the little bumps and errors along the way. This is why it seems against our own inclination when we have to follow moral rules. Yes this does make sense. Rules are meant to keep us safe and have a purpose.

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