Rider 's Mind : Rider Essay

Rider 's Mind : Rider Essay

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Rider’s Mind…

“Where am I?” Rider questioned. Suddenly Yoko and Sachi appeared in front of him. “Why didn’t you save us Rider you let him kill us,” Yoko and Sachi said. Raiden appeared right behind the twins. Rider seeing this tried to run towards him, but he couldn’t move. Raiden stabbed them through the chest killing them. “Noooo” Rider shouted. The area changed and Rider was in his kitchen. “Where am I?” Rider questioned. He heard the sound of blades colliding with each other so he went to go check it out. What he saw was his older cousin Reiji fighting Raiden. “Why are you doing?” Reiji questioned. “It’s simple really. I want power and I want to rule the demon world,” Raiden said.

As Rider watched the battle when another Raiden appeared right beside him. “Now watch how I killed your older cousin right in front of you,” Raiden said. Reiji went to behead Raiden, but Raiden duck under the attack kicked in the shin bringing him down to a knee and Raiden stabbed him through the stomach. “REIJI!!” Rider screamed as he tried to run towards his cousin but Reiji just kept getting further and further away.

Playing throughout Rider’s head were the scene of his family’s death. The final scene appeared and it was the final scene of his parents. His mother and father smiled at him and mouthed the words I love you. The next thing Rider knew his parents were beheaded and Raiden was laughing at seeing this. Something in Rider finally snapped as he glared at Raiden with so much hate. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!” Rider said in a demonic wolf voice. Something changed in Rider his body was glowing gold, his eyes changed from blue to gold, and his hair got spikier. Rider gave out a demonic roar and charged at Raiden. As he got near Raiden,...

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...e scene from yesterday played inside his mind over and over again. When Rider got to the place that his parents, aunt, and uncle and his cousins were murdered he dropped to his knees and balled his eyes out. Raiden’s last words rang inside his head.

“In order to kill me, you must have enough hatred. You can’t kill me your hate is not strong enough you’re too weak. Grow strong and come find me and try to kill me,” Rider clutched his hands and gritted his teeth as he looked up in the mirror and saw Raiden’s reflection. “AHHHHH!!” Rider screamed and punched the mirror as hard as he can destroying it in the process. “Mark my words Raiden Saito I will get stronger even if I have to walk through darkness. If that’s the only way to get power in order to kill you I will do it. I will avenge my family and I will have my VENGEANCE!” Rider declared with his eyes full of hate.

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