Essay on The Ride - Original Of Thought ' And ' Silence '

Essay on The Ride - Original Of Thought ' And ' Silence '

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They continued the ride--full of thought--and in silence. This gave Lily time to re-analyze her newly discovered emotion. Last night they were interrupted just as she was going to reveal to Marc how she felt about him. Oh how she wanted to tell him, but first she needed to get answers to some of the questions she was puzzling about. These answers would help her understand the male-female interaction a little better. She quietly sighed.
When Marc heard Lily 's sigh, he shook himself out of his own private reflection and focused on her. He knew they had unfinished business to discuss and it appeared she needed to talk. “Let us disembark at the next rest area, and we shall converse.”
After they refreshed themselves, Marc took Lily by the hand and led her into the living area of the RV.
“I shall brew some coffee,” he stated, then proceeded to do so. He indicated for her to rest on one of the lounges, and soon they were sipping the steaming beverage.
“I love this blend...” she said softly, not knowing what else to say.
He nodded but did not reply. With anyone else, this might have been awkward, but not with this man. She was beginning to learn how being in love with someone, made all the difference in the world. You learn their ways, mannerisms and ideas, and you love them all. In fact, no matter what Marc did, he never made her feel uncomfortable.
She loved being with him and needed to be with him. She trusted him implicitly. She was naive about a lot of things, but she was learning quickly. Understanding his reaction to her, was becoming clearer. It did not displease her, it thrilled her, in fact. This was not so with Reed, who not only made her feel uncomfortable... but at times... he frightened her.
Some of her questions wer...

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...ain. Then he added one more thing, “I believe a nice, long, invigorating hike would be appropriate about now, would you not agree?”
They walked hand in hand through the wooded, picnic area, then up the hill and back again. They passed others, their children, and their animals, but the two paid no attention to them. Lily and Marc had a new understanding, and a new relationship. They were in love and everything else around them, was unimportant.
Sometime later, Lily did observe something tangible. Many of the women were giving her Marc more than just interested glances. Some even glared at her with envy.
“Marc Honey...” she observed pointedly, “ appears that I 'm not the only one that exudes magnetism.” She raised one eyebrow and wagged her finger at him as she spoke.
He quickly panned the area. “I have no idea of what you are referring,” he told her seriously.

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