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The Richest Man Ever
Bansir was a chariot builder, had problems like any other human being, he had too much going on to worry about anything else. He was a hard worker; he could not understand why he worked so hard and still was “poor”. Bansir had a best friend named Kobi the two of them worked hard together; they were in the same struggling boat, scheming, and scraping up money. Kobi and Bansir happen to save a lot of money over the years, but felt they had nothing to show for it. They could not bear to see their families or loved ones go without. They both reached misery! The two of them came up with the best idea yet. They refused to continue to live slavish lives. Bansir and Kobi sat down and began to plot; they remembered a friend named Arkad whom they used to go to school with. Arkad claimed to be the richest man in Babylon, in Bansir and Kobi’s eyes Arkad was blessed with prosperity. With all of this in mind Bansir and Kobi decided to consult Arkad. Arkad helped them realize why and how they had not prospered, so they yearned for his guidance. Arkad was known across the land for his great wealth, generosity, and liberty with both family and charity. Bansir and Kobi gathered there group, and there discussions happen to open up amazing perceptions of this thing we call “life”. Bansir dwelling; why doesn’t fate find us? Why doesn’t fate find us? We are just as deserving”. Arkad’s biggest testimony is (easy money don’t stick around.) Arkad succeeds because he believed in the knowledge and power of wealth, also the law of wealth. He was determined to immerse himself and study and follow these laws in order not to be a poor man, which he refused to be. Arkad’s philosophy was “there is two types of thinking, one being things we le...

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...ed with Hadan Gula who is the grandson of Sharru’s partner who he owed. Sharru offered to tell Hadan how he and his grandfather joined in a partnership that proved very profitable. Sharru was once a slave because of his brother’s wrong doing. His brother killed his friend in a fight. Sharru was sold as a slave when his father could not find the silver to free Sharru. Sharru made things positive for his self-realizing work is his new best friend he never knew. He said working made him a better man, later he was sold to a new master. His new master was a baker named Nana-naid. Sharru was being told lies about his grandfather that he refused to believe. Sharru’s story changed Hadan’s outlook on life and understood what has to be done to make a change. Sharru is now being admired by him and others for his touching story. WHERE THE DETERMINATION IS, THE WAY CAN BE FOUND.

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