Richard Wright 's The Theft From The Local Theater

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Richard Wright has been referred to me for therapy regarding his theft from the local theater, and I believe that he committed this crime because he believes that because of his station in society he would never be able to support himself and his family through honest means. Despite the fact that he does hold some remorse for his actions, it would appear that whatever remorse he holds is tempered by his justifications for stealing. A thorough analysis of his reasoning has been conducted and with testimony from the patient to serve as my proof, I will begin treatment to show him the error of his ways. Richard Wright maintains the belief that there is a divide in society that separates him from his coworkers and peers. According to Mr. Wright, this divide makes it impossible to interact with the other members of his community in a healthy manner, even if they are of his own race. A prime example of this would be his time spent working at the clothing store. He told me about how his bosses, who were white, treated him and other black customers unfairly, going so far as to beat a black woman who could not pay for her purchase. Throughout his entire time working for the clothes shop, Richard shows his silent disapproval for the acts of racism he is witness to as well as subject to. From being stopped by the police after a clothes delivery at night because they suspect him of theft, to refusing to call a white man ‘sir’ Mr. Wright sees the divide in society that prevents him from having a label besides black. Soon enough, Mr. Wright was fired from the clothing store. Not for misconduct or theft, but rather because his bosses did not like of his silent and dignified disapproval of their racist actions. His classmate, Griggs, scolded hi... ... middle of paper ... ...eels it is necessary. He believes that because the world he lives in is not one that allows to succeed any other way besides theft. I think otherwise. Mr. Wright’s belief that he can only live through dishonest means is justified but false. If he desires to live in a world where he can live honestly and make his mark as a just member of society, he must achieve that end through example. He cannot expect a bad tree to bear good fruit, so despite society’s projection of the black male being someone who is dishonest and sly, he must be who he really is to change the way the world looks at him. He must retain his honesty, and he must believe that the rift is society that prevents him from being understood can heal. Mr. Wright believes that his station in society keeps him from living honestly. I say that because of his station in society, that is the way he must live.

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