Essay on Richard Taylor, An American Philosopher And Author Of Life

Essay on Richard Taylor, An American Philosopher And Author Of Life

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Richard Taylor, an American philosopher and author of, “The Meaning of Life” believes you can live a meaningful life as long as you realize your will and are completely involved in it and enjoy it, then you are no longer needed and your life was a successful one. “This is surely the way to look at all of life- at one’s own life, and each day and moment it contains; of the life of a nation; of the species; of the life of the world; and of everything that breathes” (Taylor p 27). He proves this through the ancient myth of Sisyphus. Sisyphus was sentenced by the Gods to spend an eternity rolling a stone repeatedly to the top of a hill and once it reached the top, it would roll right back down once again. Taylor calls Sisyphus’ life as an “endless pointlessness.” Taylor relates human life to Sisyphus’ life. He believes that both of our lives can have meaning. Taylor asks us to look at Sisyphus’ story in a different way. For example, while the Gods sentenced him to rolling this stone up a hill for an eternity, what if they gave him a “strange and irrational impulse” to roll the stone repeatedly. Now, according to Richard Taylor, Sisyphus’ life would now have meaning and if we were to be as invested as Sisyphus in rolling the stone, then our lives have meaning as well.
The perfect image of meaningless would be within the ancient myth of Sisyphus. Because Sisyphus betrayed “divine secrets to mortals”, he was sentenced to continuously rolling a stone up a hill and when it came down, he would have to roll it up again for an eternity. “We have the picture of meaningless, pointless toil, of a meaningless existence that is absolutely never redeemed” (Taylor p 20). Sisyphus struggle cannot even be redeemed through death or exhaustion. His s...

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...ay, everyday for the rest of their lives? The life of this kid would be completely thrown away because of how unproductive it was. Both of these situations result in nothing being accomplished. Although the kid may be happy with what he doing, there is no real point to it and life has more to offer than either spending an eternity being a heroin addict or binge watcher.
Richard Taylor would obviously disagree with the argument I have made. He would stand strong with his belief which is as long as you love what you are doing, you are living a meaningful life. He may go along the lines of saying that yes, being a heroin addict is a horrible thing, but that is what makes the person happy. He would say the same thing to the binge watcher. He believes both of their lives have purpose and since they are happy, they are living a meaningful life according to his standards.

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