Richard Nixon´s Involvement in the Watergate Scandal Essay

Richard Nixon´s Involvement in the Watergate Scandal Essay

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The events of the Watergate Scandal hurt the trust of the people of the United States. The Watergate Scandal shocked the nation and ended with the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Though the attempted bugging of Watergate was not a popular story at first, it quickly escalated and gained attention by raising questions of presidential involvement.
The Watergate Scandal happened when burglars broke into Watergate, on June 17, 1972. The break-in was discovered by a security guard who noticed that someone had taped a lock of one of the office doors at Watergate. Five men wearing expensive gear were caught and arrested. They also had a lot of money with them. They were planning to bug some of Watergate’s offices. It was later discovered that Richard Nixon’s, the president, aides bugged Democratic offices and lied about their opponents in politics (Wilmore and Landauro).
In order to understand how Richard Nixon was involved in Watergate, Americans must know who he was. Nixon stared his career in politics in the year 1947. His first political job was working in the House of Representatives. After that, Nixon became a Vice President for two terms (“Watergate: The Scandal That”). Later, in 1962, he said that he was retiring (Ehrlichman 33). However, he ended up running for president in 1968 and became president in 1969 (Ehrlichman 37; “Watergate: The Scandal That”). He was reelected for the next term (“Watergate: The Scandal That”).
With this in mind, people can understand why such a fuss was caused when Nixon, involved for so long in government, was discovered to be part of the cover up. John Dean, a former counsel of Nixon, said Nixon had paid the burglars a lot of money to not say the White House was involved. D...

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...pen again. It also showed that we should pay attention to the news. Even though Watergate attracted minimal attention at first, it is now one of the most well know stories in the nation because the president ended up being involved and then resigned.

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