Essay on Richard Nixon : The Second Of Five Kids

Essay on Richard Nixon : The Second Of Five Kids

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Richard Nixon
Nixon is a very well-remembered president, however, he isn’t remembered for all the good things he did rather all the trouble he caused the country. Richard Nixon was born January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California to his parents Frank and Hannah Nixon. Nixon was the second of five kids. Richard’s father was a service station owner while his mom was a Quaker who had strongly influenced Nixon (Richard Nixon). Nixon went to Fullerton High School then later transferred to Whittier High School and ran for the student body president. He attended Whittier College and graduated in 1934. He then received a full scholarship to Duke University Law School in Durham, N.C. After completion of law school he returned to Whittier to begin practicing law. He met his wife Thelma Catherine Ryan and the two married in 1940 and had two daughters. Nixon and his wife moved to Washington D.C in 1942 where he got a job in FDR’s office. After serving on the New Deal’s program he joined the U.S Navy and served as an aviation ground officer in the Pacific where he rose to become a lieutenant. He resigned from the Navy in January in 1946 (Richard Nixon). When he returned home he ran for Congress against Jerry Voorhis. He won a seat in House of Representatives in November of 1946. He was first assigned to the Select Committee on Foreign Aid. Richard Nixon later became Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Vice-President. He launched his bid for presidency early in 1960 against democrat JFK whom he lost to. He announced his candidacy for the second time on February 1, 1968. He won the election by close to 500,000 votes. He was sworn in as the 37th president of the United States on January 20, 1969
Richard Nixon was elected to be the 37th president of the Uni...

... middle of paper ... the scandal. At a televised event he was forced to give up Oval Office recordings of his conversations about the scandal, eighteen minutes of the recordings were missing and have yet to be found (Parnass). Many Burglars were arrested inside the office of the DNC in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C. The Burglars were connected to Nixon’s reelection campaign and were caught trying to wiretap into the phone lines and steal secret information. No one really knows if Nixon knew about this incident before it happened but afterwards he began to raise money in order to keep everything on the down low. In August 1974, after everything came out, Nixon resigned from office. Nixon was never prosecuted however, it changed the way Americans thought of the presidency. Despite everything the Watergate Hotel is still one of the nicest and prettiest hotels in Washington.

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