Essay on Richard Jun, A Partner Of Jump Investors

Essay on Richard Jun, A Partner Of Jump Investors

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Richard Jun is a Partner at BAM Ventures, a leading firm who has invested in the Honest Company along with many other successful startups. However, like many people in Venture Capital, he didn’t know he wanted to do that job until after his first entry level position. Like the Managing Partner of JUMP Investors, he started as a lawyer. He graduated from Columbia Law School and went into Corporate Law for a Korean Entertainment Company. However, he was quickly bored of his legal job, and left his position to become the General Counsel of ShoeDazzle, a startup created by Brian Lee and Kim Kardashian. From there, he took many other roles in the company. Coming from a legal standpoint, he found it much harder to work as the other positions, such as the CMO. As the company continued to grow, he started to realize what problems a growing company has. Some problems hit such as the company not growing as fast and having to lay off people. Richard didn’t have previous experience in operations and executive management and had to learn on the fly from Brian.
After this, he joined up with Brian Lee to make a Venture Capital Firm. From both of their experiences in starting up a company, they had the skills necessary to work at a Venture Capital Firm. This shows that there is not a specific career path to Venture Capital, but rather an important set of skills which can be either taught, or even better, learned. Because of that, there is no specific major or concentration to become a VC, even though a lot major in Economics or Finance to learn and understand the components of financial modelling. However, financial modelling is such a small part of a VC. Brian believed that a person needs deep sector experience and knowledge in the field, over ...

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... puts me at an advantages to the other people competing with me for the positions. The field is very similar to what I expected, but like many of the other people I talked to, none expected how important the initial feel of the person, not the idea is. If there is anything that I can take out of this experience and apply to any job in any field that I work in, it is how important the connection between employees and their clients is. Someone who is miserable working with someone else won’t enjoy the job as much, won’t succeed as much, and will question their motives. Likewise, if there is trust in that person, that is much more important than having trust in the idea and not in that person, just hoping the best will work in. In the end, everyone’s impressions matters on whether the company will succeed, no one wants to back someone that they do not trust as a person.

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