Richard Corfield 's Life Of Planets Essay

Richard Corfield 's Life Of Planets Essay

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Richard Corfield educational and professional experiences make him very qualifies to write a book discussing the planets in the universe. Cornfield received his PhD from Cambridge University in Biogeochemistry. He has also worked with other individuals studying the greenhouse effect. Before writing the “Lives of Planets,” Corfield wrote two other science related books. Exploring, studying and writing about science content qualify Cornfield to write a book describing each planet.
The main theme of “Lives of the Planets,” is the origin and composition of each planet and the universe surrounding them. This book takes the reader on a journey through the solar system, and discusses each planet in great detail. “Lives of the Planets,” was broken down into ten chapters. Each chapter included subtitles to guide the readers. Corfield begins each chapter explaining the discovery and history of one specific planet. In his explanations, Corfield also explain the great details of what steps were taken to obtain images of the specific planet.
Corfield begins chapter one, “Ages of Dark and Light: The Sun,” discussing the contributions of the Stonehenge and Neolithic people. The beginning of the chapter discussed how the Neolithic people used the position of the stones and their holes to predict or determine events on Earth. Later in the chapter he discussed the history and description of the Sun, and the age of the universe.
In chapter two, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn: Mercury,” Corfield discussed the planet Mercury. He began the chapter by discussing the different philosophers and scientists that contributed to the discovery and naming of this planet. Different Mariners were used to obtain images of Mercury, and to study its atmos...

... middle of paper ... that took place with the use of space crafts and probes. The information presented throughout the book was supported with data provide by the space crafts and other observations. The sample data used in the book is very valid because tools like a spectrometer were used.
This was a well written book, and it really helps the reader understand how and what the planets are composed of. The details provided allow the reader to create a mental picture of these planets. The mental picture doesn’t just involve what color or order, this book helps the reader get a clear understand of what the surface look like. This book shares the errors and mishaps of other NASA workers. Hopefully, the information in the book will inspire future NASA employee to explore more of the universe. After reading this book they will have a greater chance at getting their mission accomplished.

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