Rhetorical Strategies : A Persuasive Message Essay

Rhetorical Strategies : A Persuasive Message Essay

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A persuasive message tries to convince the audience to agree to the speaker’s position. For instance, the goal of persuasion is to lead. On account of this, persuasion is just a logical and well supported arguments; an argument is the enounce of the orator’s position with the aid of the rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos and pathos).But the question is how to be a successful persuasive speaker? The response is easy, convince the audience or change their behaviour without using any strategy that violate any of the ethical principles.
Subsequently, is possible to persuade using any of the rhetorical strategies. The first rhetorical strategy is ethos, there are three approaches to achieve it and in the same time to understand our audience, it can be by goodwill, empathy and responsiveness. Goodwill is the perception the audience forms of a speaker, because they believe he/she understands them, empathizes and is very responsive.The second technique to understand the audience is by empathy, this means putting yourself in the audience’s position. And responsiveness is the third key to understand the audience, being responsive means the orator cares about the audience and the feedback provided even though is negative.
However, every time a speaker will give a speech, his/her credibility is divided in two: initial credibility, when orator starts speaking; and terminal credibility, that is the audience’s perceptions of you expertise at the end of the speech, this credibility is usually greater than the initial credibility. In addition, there are four ways to enhance the orator’s credibility is by competence, sources, nonverbal delivery and vocal expression. Competence is the ability to annex any comment in the appropriate place of the spe...

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...rities than dissimilarities; with this being said the argument will be valid only if it follows the given descriptions. The last type of argument is causation, this argument supports the claim by citing events that occurred as a result of the claim; in order to make this argument valid, other events should not be more important in causing the events, and the most important characteristic for this argument is that the effect should follow the cause.
As a final point, the chapter talked about the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM), this model was created by Richard Petty and John Cacioppo. This model explains how people spend time evaluating information before making decision. If people are more likely to listen carefully and think about what is being said, they follow the central route. Otherwise, they will follow the peripheral route, this route relies on simple cues.

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