Rhetorical Reading Strategies And The Construction Of Meaning Essays

Rhetorical Reading Strategies And The Construction Of Meaning Essays

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Haas and Flower created an interesting point when I read “Rhetorical Reading Strategies and the Construction of Meaning “. In the reading, Haas and Flower, provided multiple propositions to apply, however a key one certainly caught my eye. Haas and Flower proposed various arguments, yet their main idea implied that there needs to be an increase in rhetorical reading. I came to the conclusion that increasing rhetorical reading was their main point due to a statement in the text. “We would like to help extend this constructive, rhetorical view of reading, which we share with others in the field…” [Haas and Flower, 167] the following statement blandly states their intention to spread an important strategy, reading rhetorically, among community. While we are supposed to look between the lines to discover their main argument, I believe Haas and Flower cleverly blended their intention in the following quote by mentioning “others in the field”, by included that, an assumption could have been made with who they were sharing it with. I don’t think Haas and Flower’s only audience was those in the field (I.E: professors and English majors) but everyone who was going to read rhetorically. Haas and Flower then provide an example [Page 177], of the differences of a student reader and an experienced reader. The example shows a remarkable difference between the two, the student reader was able to identify the situation and paraphrased what he found out. The experienced reader not only identified the situation, but provided a theory to attempt to explain what the author was trying to do; this is quite different than what the student reader provided. I believe Haas and Flower added the example to emphasize the difference of the conclusions that the...

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...rs & Alice]. The articles don’t just connect in a sense where they have similar examples, but it seems that Kantz is adding to what Haas and Flower had to say. Haas and Flower discuss about rhetorical reading, and how you are supposed to read in between the lines; by doing that, you find out the argument, purpose, intent, and audience. It’s amazing to see that the articles are able to tie in together so well. Kantz said that there aren’t facts just opinions and arguments, to discover that you have to be able to realize if the source is biased, yet to do that, you would have to read rhetorically, to find out the argument, purpose, intent etc. It appears that Kantz is referencing Haas and Flower’s argument by building it up; she does this by including information that would require the person to read rhetorically which ties [Haas and Flower] article to [Kantz] article.

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