Rhetorical Aspects Of Social Isolation Essay

Rhetorical Aspects Of Social Isolation Essay

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Rhetorical Aspects of Social Isolation
The American Psychological Association is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States of America. It holds works and research from thousands of professionals, and has the ability to be used by professionals and students alike. The American Psychological Association is a type of a discourse community, we share basic values and assumptions in this field, and we also have ways of communicating about those goals in a specific context (APA format). To get these points across, we use the term rhetoric to target a specific audience concerning those specific goals. As for rhetoric, rhetoric can be defined as the study of making texts that effectively persuade an audience towards change (Arola). The American Psychological Association website used this for its strengths, it is used to fill the general population that uses this website with insight, while also allowing for their reasoning to show through, and persuade their audience to do something more. If an article is portrayed in the right ways, it leaves behind an audience that is understanding of the topic given, and even further it leads them to want more. Rhetoric ties in aspects such as audience, context, purpose, genre, and much more to get the point across. One article that had these specific rhetoric aspects, is Dr. Haney and his article titled The Psychological Effects of Incarceration located on the APA website. Doctor Haney strategically uses the tools of rhetoric to fully engage those in the field of psychology with the issues of supermax incarceration.
The author of this informational text is none other than Dr. Haney. Dr. Haney has a PhD in psychology and his profession is that o...

... middle of paper ...

... persuaded to notice this. This quote is pasted over top of a grey background, drawing sincere attention to this portion of the text. Due to the perfect quality of the art of rhetoric, the reader is persuaded into reading the text without even knowing they are being persuaded due to the position of this very important line.
The use is rhetoric is extremely important to get an idea across to peers. To use the manipulation of words correctly, it takes a professional. The rhetoric of a text is the selection and organization of language the text uses to move potential readers and listeners to consider the ideas and conclusions. Haney professionally uses these methods to persuade his audience of professionals interested in bettering the realm of psychology, into being further intrigued by the studies of supermax prisons and the correlation to that of social isolation.

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