Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : Trigger Warnings

Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : Trigger Warnings

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Trigger warnings” are warnings that the following content contains strong writing or images which could upset people who have dealt with painful experiences. As of recently trigger warnings have spread from blogs to college classes. Angus Johnston, a history professor at the City University of New York, said that trigger warnings can be a part of "sound pedagogy," noting that students encountering potentially triggering material are "coming to it as whole people with a wide range of experiences, and that the journey we 're going on together may at times be painful. This rhetorical analysis is on an editorial found online on March 31, 2014. The LA Times is a paid daily newspaper located in Los Angeles, California. This editorial’s audience is towards college students to keep them updated on the current events of colleges and universities around the US. The editorial speaks mainly on how college students should not attempt to censor lessons that may cause discomfort to others. The LA Times editorial board successfully argues that colleges cannot protect students with “trigger warnings” through the use of logic, tone of voice, and word choice. However, the incoherent examples keep it from being entirely effective.
The use of logic in the editorial was fairly effective. One of the logical statements was that “trigger warnings” are part of a campus culture that is increasingly overprotective and hypersensitive in its efforts to ensure that no student is ever offended or made to feel uncomfortable. This statement is effective by asserting that college campus supposed to teach you different things not be overprotective. It made me stop and think about what the author was saying. As a result of the quote I came up with idea of a trigger ...

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...The author argues that the use of “trigger warnings” should not become a policy due to the student becoming uncomfortable over a certain lesson in class. The argument is effective in parts, but not as a whole. What about the students who actually are medically unable to deal with a lesson in class due to PTSD? This editorial really only showed the bad side of trigger warnings inside colleges classes instead of showing the pros and the cons like most would. Some people claim that the addition of trigger warnings would not affect a college student’s ability to complete the work. It would also be difficult to do well on parts of a test unless they have a friend who will attend class still and take notes for them. Over all, trigger warnings are not completely bad, but they can most definitely be taken advantage of by students who do not want to go to classes one day.

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