Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of Wright 's ' The ' Wright '

Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of Wright 's ' The ' Wright '

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Three approaches found to support Wright’s claim towards the audience/reader are logos, ethos, and pathos. Wright was able to support his claim that leaving America to France opened opportunities for him to experience freedom and equality. Through the course of the article, Wright was able to display strong evidence of ethos, and pathos to support his statement. Nonetheless, he did present logical evidence, but not enough as the other appeals.
One of the appeals is ethos, which is the character of the speaker/writer. This refers back to how credible the writer’s knowledge is. An example of this is that Wright speaks about his experience trying to purchase a home in America as well as in France. In the text, he states, “In the home of my host I sat for four days in front home of a blazing log fire and waited to hear from the real estate agent… The “trust” turned out to be that the white owner did not want to sell his house to a Negro.” Further, through the article, he said, “I found the apartment of my choice. My prospective landlord… invited me to tea. When tea was over, she gave me her answer. It was yes.” He established himself as being a credible source once speaking from a personal experience. Speaking from first-hand experience, he was able to present facts coming from no other perspective besides his own. He compares attempting to purchase a home from a white owner in America being difficult. Opposite from the living in France, he had a fair chance to purchase an apartment. He had the opportunity to meet the owner so they were able to get to know him personally He does this to prove himself become a credible and trustworthy writer. For him, he has to make the reader see through his eyes. He has to appeal to the audience a...

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...le, “I Choose Exile”, by Richard Wright he demonstrates his claim and provides supports details. His strengths to reason with the reader are ethos and pathos constantly through the text. However, his weakness is logos because there were not too many facts or evidence to support his claim. I was able to connect with him emotionally, placing myself in his shoes. Feeling as though no matter how wealthy I could be and/or successful as another ethic group. I would never receive the same rights I desire and deserve even if I worked harder than they did. I believe what Wright was saying because he dealt with this feeing almost his whole life. He was knowledgeable comparing life in America to France. Instead of reading a novel and looking up life in France, he took me through his thoughts of his perception of French people. As well as the different living environments.

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