Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Case Of Engineering Food ' Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Case Of Engineering Food ' Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of “The Case of Engineering Food”
Plant geneticist Pamela Ronald in her TED talk, “The Case of Engineering Food” argues that she acknowledges a food system that admits both organic and genetically engineered food. In order to compel viewers, she describes examples with images of organic plants and vegetables in her TED talk presentation. Her intended audience is the public and she claims to provide examples of plant genetic applications that are in the public domain and not controlled by large seed companies. She uses rhetorical analysis and evaluation of an argument throughout her talk for the purpose of persuading listeners about the genetic methods used in food that are safe for humans and the environment. For example, her talk is very convincing, argumentative, and compelling because she says, “After 20 years of careful study and rigorous peer review by thousands of independent scientists, every major scientist organization in the world has concluded that crops currently on the market are safe to eat and that the process of genetic engineering is no more risky than older methods of genetic modification.” Eventually, she convinces the public to come to an agreement and not to worry about genes in our food, rather to focus on her discoveries. Ronald employs ethos, logos, pathos, and analogy on her discovery of rice immunity gene and other types of discoveries such mutagenesis that induces uncharacterized mutations into the plants, also genetically engineered golden rice that has beta-carotene or Vitamin A, and the develop of a rice variety carrying the Sub1 gene using another genetic technique called precision breeding.
Ronald’s purpose is to use ethical appeal to create an interesting talk on the case of eng...

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...ely, she gives few believable examples explaining with her knowledge of plant geneticist in addition, she implies logic, shows her emotions, and anecdotes especially the examples of time-lapse videos of the Sub 1 gene variety rice and conventional variety rice not forgetting the images of ancient varieties and modified vegetables through the years. She wants the public to believe in her work of the discovery on rice immunity gene, other discoveries like mutagenesis, genetically engineering golden rice, and the Sub 1 gene variety rice. Finally, the public knowledge her for her extensive study of plant geneticist and thank her for the discoveries in the field of organic food and the genetically modified food. Ultimately, the public is aware and able to make better choices of what is good for farmers, families, and children around the world and good for the environment.

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