Rhetorical Analysis Of Presidential Debate Bush And Trump Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Of Presidential Debate Bush And Trump Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis Presidential Debate Clinton and Trump
The presidential debate was an event where most of the population not only of United Stated of America but the whole world was waiting anxiously for. The first of the three presidential debates was developed in Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. The first debate drew a record of the audience being one of the most watched debated in the history of United States of America. Some people watched the debate support and cheer one of the candidates, other to clarify to whom they should vote for. In this rhetorical analysis, the purpose is to establish some examples of ethos, logos, and pathos of each on the candidates.
Ethos is used to describe the audience 's perception of the rhetor 's credibility or authority. The audience asks themselves, "What does this person know about this topic?" and "Why should I trust this person?" Both of the candidates struggle with ethos during the debate. Hilary Clinton presents some weakness ethos in the debate for example at the beginning when it seems like she memorizes part of the speech this ...

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